I share epicness.

VW - The Original Click (by AlmapBBDO)

Love it. Organizing the placement on Google must have been real fun, huh? 

From Love to Bingo Getty Images AlmapBBDO (by AlmapBBDO)

It definitely doesn’t make me hungry. At all.

WEIGHT WATCHERS - Treat Yourself Better

Reasonably banned from the Superbowl? Would they have gone through if they weren’t?

The Big and the Beautiful - 30 Second Commercial

(via Adweek)

"[those working in advertising] they are still people!"


Interview: Patti Smith talks advertising at Cannes Lions 2011 (by YahooAdBuzz)

Google Demo Slam: Extra Spicy (by Google)


Google Demo Slam: Realtime Karaoke (by Google)


Switzerland - more than just mountains (by myswitzerland)

Bronze Lion for SFLB, gratz!